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October 2015

Pete's Build Log (Starting to Hardline Watercool)

Ive finally got my delivery so nows the time for me to start hardline watercooling the system.

For my first attempt at this it was a learning curve.

The basic rules of Hardline are heat the pipe up in the position you wish the bend to be then bend it to the shape you want.

Leave it in the heat too long and this happens...

Hardline Burnt


Next bend went a bit better.

Hardline Bend 1

After my first bend i was confident enough to carry on playing.

Hardline Install

Still waiting on a final delivery for me to go full steam ahead and tube the lot.

Will keep you posted.

Pete's Build Log (Case Preperation)

Hi Folks

Sorry for the late Update. South Bridge Now Fitted and looking good. Picture Below...

I have also prepped the case by removing all aluminium panels bar the base ready for installation of the components and cable routing.

Phanteks Evolv Stripped down

Whilst doing this i flushed the system to remove manufacturing left overs.

Watercooling Flush Out

Wasnt bad actually. But shows its still worth doing.

Now ive finally fitted the Blocks to the board i fitted it to the case to see how it looked.

Tekheads Phanteks Build

Not too sure about the front Radiator position as yet. It doesn't allow the instalation of a 3rd fan on the 360mm Radiator with the 3.5inch hard drive rack at the bottom. (Fans currently not attached as yet)

While im waiting for the delivery of my additional items of CPU Block Reservoir and the fittings i thought ill have a play with the case lighting.

Phanteks Evolv Red Lighting


October 2015

Pete's Build Log (South Bridge Removal Time)


All MOSFET coolers and Southbridge Cooler blocks are off and ready for installation of the EK-Blocks

EK Southbridge Block

Removed South bridge cooler

Pete's Build Log

Hello Folks.

Today i am starting to build my personal system with the Following Spec's

  • Gigabyte GA-X99-Gaming 7 WiFi
  • Intel 5930K Socket 2011-3
  • 16Gb Geil EVO Potenza 2666Mhz (4 x 4GB)
  • Asus GTX 680 Direct CU OCII (I know this is Old but still does me fine for now)
  • Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX Black
  • Dual Samsung 850 PRO SSD in RAID 0
  • Corsair TX750W Modular Power Supply
  • EK-FB KIT GA-X99 South Bridge and MOSFET Block
  • EK-RES X3 150 Reservoir
  • EK-Supremacy EVO Acetal CSQ CPU Waterblock
  • Laing DDC Pump
  • 16/12mm Hardline Tubing and EK-HDC Fittings
  • HW-Labs 240mm Radiator
  • HW-Labs 360mm Radiator

I will update the progress as i build. Hope you Likey.




More to Follow


March 2015

ESET Added to Our Product Portfolio

We are delighted to announce that we are now officially registered UK Resellers for the ESET range of Antivirus Software, Internet Security and Virus Protection products.

Adding ESET security products to our portfolio allows us to offer a richer security choice for our home and business users alike.

Please do watch this space as we add more details to our web site, but in the meantime call us on 01522 812410 for immediate help.


February 2015

The Pros and Cons of Building a PC


Built to your own requirements
Building your own Desktop PC means you can select every part yourself to the specification you require.

Research can be made before purchasing any particular item looking into depth at all the specifications of each component.


Budget control

Only you know your Budget for your new PC. You know where you’re willing to make sacrifices and where you can push to. If you want the PC for gaming then you should spend more money on the Graphics card but if the one you want doesn’t fit into your budget  then adjustments elsewhere in the system could be made, Like memory- more sticks can be bought later adding into what you can afford.



If your budget can’t stretch all the way right now or plan to upgrade later then you know your system better than anyone. Knowing what Slots and connectors you have free.

On the other hand all the systems you see on our site are all upgradeable and can be customised to your requirements and built by our resident expert Tekhead Pete.

For any system spec changes or further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01522 814 006.



Compatibility of components

If you’re new to the PC building scene then compatibility of components is the hardest thing to understand.

Making sure that the motherboard supports the CPU is probably one of the most common mistakes we see when customers place orders online. (Which we do try and pick up on and call before despatching)

Not only that, getting the correct Power supply for your gaming graphics card or buying the correct RAM for your motherboard.

All the computer jargon we are all faced with can be daunting for anyone and if you purchase an incorrect component this can delay your new PC Build.

If you want help with your choice of components then please don’t hesitate to call our Tekheads. To save all this stress why not take a look at our range of pre-built and configured systems.


Building your new PC
Once your new parts have arrived you’re ready to build. Making a safe area to build in is a big necessity, you don’t want to damage any of your newly purchased parts. A static free zone is a must, a none conductive surface like an anti-static rubber mat or a wooden surface.

You will need a decent Philips screwdriver to basically put the system together.

Our resident expert Pete and his Tek-team of system builders have all the equipment to build any type of computer. Tekhead Pete always has his hands in a PC, modding them and taking them apart. So if you’re struggling with your PC don’t hesitate to get in touch.


The best part of building your own PC is the satisfaction at the end result. A system that you selected the components for and put together yourself that plays the games you want or surfs the net or downloads your next favourite album, the feeling can’t be matched. For people new to the PC Building scene it’s a great accomplishment.

But if the DIY build your own approach is still daunting then don’t worry we can build whatever you want. Simply ask and we shall provide. 


January 2015

Introducing the NVIDIA GTX 960 Graphics Card

The GeForce GTX 960 is a feature rich Maxwell GPU. A TDP of just 120W ensures it’s not only super-fast but also super-cool and super-quiet, In some of the most widely played games the fan will actually switch off and the card can run silently. With the combination of ultra-low-power consumption vs performance/rich feature set, the GeForce GTX 960 also makes it an outstanding product for all system builders.

Check out our expanding range HERE


November 2014

Alert: Worm.Koler Android mobile ransomware

Security firm Adaptivemobile has uncovered a new variant of the “Android.Koler.A” malware which is being called Worm.koler and is spread by text message.

The text messages typically read “someone made a profile named - (the contact’s name) and has uploaded some of your photos! is that you?” This will then be followed by a ‘’ URL. If you click on the link you will be redirected to a file hosting service where you are encouraged to download an app called ‘Photoviewer”.

Once this app is installed, a pop up screen will appear stating that your device has been locked by the police and you must pay to unblock it.

Whilst this is happening on the screen, in the background, text messages are spammed out to all the contacts stored on your phone. The message is only sent once to make it appear more authentic.

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) who issued the alert said it appears that this variant is currently being aimed at the US, as the pop screens are US based e.g. purporting to be from the FBI. It is likely that UK has already or is likely to be affected, but to date the NFIB has not received any reports detailing this type of ransomware.

What to do if your Android phone is infected

It is recommended that any victims of this ransomware complete a manufacture reset of their device and then reinstall their apps afterwards. This could cause a potential loss of data such as photos, if they have not already been backed up. 

If the malware restricts you from getting into you phones settings, put the phone into safe mode (please refer to your phones instruction manual) and remove the app. Once this is done, perform a complete reset of your phone.

It is also recommended that if you are unsure about any messages containing a link do not click on them, and think about contacting the sender for verification that they intended to send you the message.

It is important to remember only to download apps from a reputable source such as Google Play Store.


September 2014

Intel 2011-V3 - X99 Chipset Motherboards and CPU's Now Live

Its been busy here at Tekhead Towers so weve been a little behind the pace with the X99 and 2011-V3 New releases but they are now live and the list is growing.

As Being Supported partners of Gigabyte we have started with a select few of their X99 Range of Motherboards Located here

As for Intel's 2011-V3 CPU's they are here


June 2014

Intel 4790K Devils Canyon NOW IN STOCK!!!!

We have just received stock of the new Intel Haswell Refresh 4790K or more commonly known as Devils Canyon.

We have limited numbers left of these CPU's after shipping our back orders.

Look out for our new range of Motherboard bundles and Barebone Systems to come along soon.

We will also release gaming systems in the coming future when stock becomes a little more accessible.

Some of the Reviews on this CPU are fantastic:

"This little Devil managed to beat the current top-end consumer chip, the $1,000 Core i7-4960X Extreme Edition."

Computer Shopper

"It's the first to top 4,000 points in our video encoding benchmark at stock speed and was way ahead in the image editing test too, topping the charts in both benchmarks."



April 2013

New range of motherboard bundles

motherboard bundles

We have updated our range of motherboard bundles. Take the hassle out of choosing compatible motherboards and processors and setting up the BIOS. All our bundles are built and tested before dispatch on our anti static test benches by our team of Tekheads!

We have a range of AMD and Intel based bundles from prices £79.99 we have over 20 bundles available.

To see our range click here


February 2013

New Systems for 2013

New for 2013 we have some brand new systems. From as little as £269 inc VAT we have systems powered by AMD and Intel.

Our Basic PC range, which starts at £269 features the AMD Dual Core processor, RADEON HD 6000 graphics, 500GB Hard disk and DVDrewriter. With a choice of Windows 7 or 8 included these machines are great value for money!

Stepping up from that you can double the hard disk space and RAM for only £20 more!

If you are looking for something faster we have the EliteGT series PC range. Featuring the Core i7 QUAD core processor, 16GB RAM, GeForce graphics.

Remember our policy on all builds is to provide a PC without the bloatware, to provide the best out of your PC. All our machines are backed by a 12 months return to base hardware warranty and we provide driver disks and Windows disks/licences as standard with all machines where the operating system is purchased.

With more PCs due out, remember we can build any PC to your specification! Contact us for your ideal quote.

Ms Office 2013 now available

Now available is the all new Office 2013 and Office 365.

The 2013 versions of familiar Office applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint include new features that help you create, communicate and work even more efficiently from virtually anywhere.

In addition to updating the traditional Office suites, we've developed brand new subscription versions of Office, specifically designed for the way you use Office today. Each new subscription offer will include the 2013 versions of the Office applications, for example Word, Excel and PowerPoint, plus cloud services such as Skype world minutes and online storage with SkyDrive®.

To see our range please click here


August 2012

MediaBoX - Media PC and slimline PC

If your looking to bring your PC into the lounge or simply dont have the room for a large tower then take a look at our MediaBoX range.

From just £149.99+VAT (£179.99 inc VAT) the MediaBoX series features AMD processors, 4GB and RADEON HD graphics all housed in a compact slimline chassis with a height of 100mm.

To see our range click here

StrikeBoX - Tekheads LAN Gaming Cube

Gone are the days of needing a large PC or over £1000 on a laptop if you want a PC with dedicated graphics good enough to play the latest game. Tekheads StrikeBoX provides just that a solution!

From just £239.99+VAT (£287.99 inc VAT) the StrikeBoX series features Intel processors, Corsair Vengeance memory and RADEON HD graphics all housed in a compact mini cube less than 200mm x 185mm x 325mm (W x H x D) (StrikeBoX G6570) and (W x H x D)240 x 207.4 x 401.4mm (Elite StrikeBoX).

To see our range click here


August 2012

Enermax now available!


We now list a full range of Enermax products including the power supplies, cases and case fans.

Enermax are renown for great quality PSUs and low noise cooling fans.


See our range click here




June 2012

iPad 3 accessories expanded

With the ever popular iPad 3 tablet holding the No1 position, we are expanding our range of accessories including covers, stands, chargers, and screen protectors.

ipad cover

To see our range of iPad 3 products click here

Samsung Galaxy S3 Accessories

galaxy s3

We now have a range of Samsung Galaxy S3 accessories on the site, with more to come. If you dont see what your looking for let us know as our range is expanding everyday with each delivery from our suppliers and our poor product creation team cant keep up!

To see our range click here


May 2012

Diamond Jubilee Trading

Web Orders

Orders placed after 5pm on Thursday 31st May upto 5pm Friday 1st June on a premium service will be dispatched for next working day delivery and should arrive on Wednesday 6th June. Orders placed on any other services should arrive no later than Friday 8th June.

Customers needing an earlier delivery should select Saturday option BEFORE 5pm on Friday 1st June for delivery on Saturday 2nd June.

Orders placed after 5pm Friday 1st June WILL NOT be dispatched until Wednesday 6th June at the earliest. Orders placed on next day service should arrive on Thursday 7th April. Orders placed on other services should arrive by Friday 8th June.


Orders for counter collection will need collecting before 4pm Friday 1st June otherwise they will not be available until we re-open on Wednesday 6th June.


April 2012

Easter Trading Details

Web Orders

Orders placed after 5pm on Wednesday 5th April upto 5pm Thursday 6th April on a premium service will be dispatched for next working day delivery and should arrive on Tuesday 10th April. Orders placed on any other services should arrive no later than Thursday 12th April.

Customers needing an earlier delivery should select Saturday option BEFORE 5pm on Thursday 6th April.

Orders placed after 5pm Thursday 6th April WILL NOT be dispatched until Tuesday 10th April at the earliest. Orders placed on next day service should arrive on Wednesday 11th April. Orders placed on other services should arrive by Friday 13th April.


Orders for counter collection will need collecting before 4pm Thursday 6th April otherwise they will not be available until we re-open after the Easter break on Tuesday 10th April.

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