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TFT Dead Pixel Warranty

TFT Monitors can suffer from a problem known as 'dead pixels'.

The screen on TFT/LCD displays is made up of a fixed number of thousands of tiny pixels. A 15" flat-screen with a resolution of 1024 x 768 for example, has 786423 pixels. Each pixel comprises three sub-pixels (red, green and blue) so on the 15" above, there's almost 2.4 million dots in total. Behind each pixel is a transistor. When a transistor fails it manifests itself as a bright, dark or coloured dot on the screen that stands out from the rest.

Today's production techniques unfortunately cannot guarantee an absolutely fault-free screen display and buyers should be aware of the possibility of imperfections (in the form of a few isolated constantly lit or unlit pixels) before choosing to purchase a TFT/LCD display.

Manufacturers set a level of dead pixels, below which the monitor is not considered faulty and they will not replace or repair. Our web site will usually state how many dead pixels is considered normal in the product information.

We can only accept back monitors as faulty for refund/repair if the number of dead pixels exceeds the manufacturer's guidelines.

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